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About Our Company

For All Our Mapletree Farms Customers

We have some exciting news to share with you. As part of our efforts to consistently upgrade and enhance our services, we are excited to announce that Mapletree Farms will now be part of the Happy Harvest Farms network and will be operating under the umbrella of Happy Harvest Farms. This is part of our efforts to continue to expand our organic farm network and bring more farmers under the ambit of organic farming, share best practices and develop robust training programs. And as we grow, you will be able to enjoy access to a wider range of freshly harvested fruits, vegetables and greens. A revamped website will ensure a seamless buying experience. And to ensure your order - which is freshly harvested just for you - reaches you 100% fresh, it will now be delivered the very next day. 

So, while our name, logo and the colours you associate with our packaging will change, you can be sure that one thing won't change - our unwavering commitment to remain your No. 1 choice for organic fruits and vegetables, and staples free of harmful chemicals. 

We are excited to have you on this journey with us and look forward to your continued support and patronage. We will keep you posted on all the developments! Thank you for being a loyal member of the Mapletree Farms family and we look forward to your continued support on this journey of growth and expansion. 

Our Journey

What was the goal behind setting up Happy Harvest Farms? The idea was to continue to expand our organic farm network and bring more farmers under the ambit of organic farming, share best practices and develop robust training programs.


To give you organically grown fruits & vegetables and 100% natural staples, free of any harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers, thereby positively impacting our community and the environment.


Our vision is to create and support communities – the farms we work with, the farmers we partner with and the customers we serve – with chemical-free, sustainable food choices. We want to create a network of empowered farmers who use sustainable farming methods to grow nutritionally rich, 100% safe food and make it easily accessible to our customers.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Happy Harvest Farms you can be 100% sure of the quality and authenticity of our produce: 

- We have our own organic farm and work with a trusted and verified network of organic farms and farmers
- We also partner with farms that only follow organic farming practices. We do not sell any unverified produce, or produce that is not organic

- We pay great attention to the authenticity of our produce, its quality and nutritional value

- We prioritise soil health as we believe that healthy soil that is rich in good microorganisms is the best way to yield 100% organic fruits and vegetables filled with authentic, fresh, rich taste

- We conduct regular tests on the soil, the water and the compost by accredited labs to ensure that our quality standards are consistent with what we promise you. 

- We strictly adhere to the principles of organic farming. We do not use any chemical fertilisers or chemical pesticides. We do not irradiate, force ripen or use any other artificial methods to ripen our crop 

- We use bio pesticides (like neem oil), crop rotation, minimum tillage, planting of cover crops, we make our own compost using dung from our cows and so on. Our farming methods promote an ecological balance and conserve biodiversity
- We follow a farm to table policy - harvested at our farms and delivered straight to your homes
- We follow a ‘No Questions Asked’ return & refund policy, which highlights our commitment to ensure maximum customer satisfaction 

Try our produce and taste the difference!

Why Support Organic Farming?

Happy Harvest Farms is a grassroots effort to revive organic agriculture in India. As a nation we are losing farmers at a rapid rate. It is estimated that hundreds of farmers leave their jobs daily and migrate to cities or towns in order to find better income. Unfair food prices, is one reason for losing farmers. Many farmers are also destroying our lands through heavy use of chemicals and poor tillage practices.

By supporting us, you are contributing to a cause of training organic farmers and protecting organic farmland. We help train people from villages and cities to become strong and very skilled organic farmers with the right attitude, and hope they will each train and influence several farmers in their lifetime